Domestic Violence

Course Outline on Recovery from an unhealthy relationship


The course will aim to support women who are still suffering from the effects of domestic violence by concentrating on their recovery from the emotional and mental abuse that they have been exposed to. Using a variety of exercises we will explore the dynamics and the underlying patterns of abuse and aim to shift the women’s perspective away from blame, guilt and shame. We will encourage the women to explore their own emotional needs, giving them the opportunity to understand what happened to them and therefore the chance to move on.

Target participants:  Women with personal experience of domestic violence who have left the abusive situation and now seeking to move forward.

Course Format – 6 Weekly 2hrs 30min sessions including a 20 min break.

  • Session 1 – Welcome and Getting to know each other
  • Session 2 – The impact of Abuse and the Dynamics of Power and Control
  • Session 3 – Understanding our Feelings
  • Session 4 – Responsibility for Abuse
  • Session 5 – Valuing ourselves
  • Session 6 – Celebrating our Journey together

General session structure:

  • Check-in
  • Theme
  • Discussion
  • Activities
  • Exercises
  • Meditation to end session

The course is usually taught weekly in a group setting.
The course can be adapted to be taught on an online platform with live interaction.

Each session (except the first) starts with a check-in where women have time to discuss if something came up from the session before they want to share or discuss.

Each session end with a meditation practice to ensure participants leave the group on a calm note.

The course is run by two facilitators who ideally both have lived experience of domestic violence.

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