Nurturing your Inner Wisdom Meditation Program

Welcome to our program that leads to a journey of self-discovery through meditation both on our own and as a group.  Each month we set out to contemplate a theme and to go deeply into the richness of what that theme means for us, how we can develop the qualities associated with that theme and in what ways those qualities can be embodied and made manifest in the world.

Everyone participating in this program will have a uniquely different experience and we hope it will be a rich, diverse and enjoyable journey of discovery both as an individual and as a group engaging in this process together

Some of the themes which we will work with are: Will, Love, Light, Harmony, Beauty, Discipline, Serenity, Brotherhood to name but a few.

How We Will Work Together

The simple and effective technique we will use has been developed by Dr.Roberto Assagioli (psychiatrist and psychotherapist 1888-1974 and founder of psychosynthesis). The repeated use of specific words and phrases sets us out on a psychodynamic journey and can generate transpersonal qualities both in individual and collective consciousness.  
The method, elaborated by Sergio Bartoli, pupil of Roberto Assagioli is based on the principles of psychoenergetics.  We relax the mind and focus on specific words which carry a vibration.  Through the intuition and focussed mind, words not only represent a concept but they also carry an energetic quality. When we meditate on certain words, themes and ideas it can.
  1. Produce the state of mind corresponding to the idea-image.
  2. Through focus and repetition we reinforce and refine the ideas and images.
  3. The effects of the idea-image are produced even without our conscious awareness.
Each month we will work and focus on a particular theme, and we will undertake group meditation sessions where we will examine what that theme means to us.
In the course of the month, participants will be invited to continue to work with that theme in their daily meditations using ‘seed thoughts.’ Seed thoughts are short phrases which allude to an aspect of the theme we are exploring.  By focussing on the ‘seed thought’ we are invited to explore and discover new aspects of the theme we are working with.There will be ten seed thoughts of which to choose one.
An example of a seed thought for the theme of WILL is
‘The irrepressible force of the inner fire’
Thus, we meditate repeatedly on this phrase to explore how it impacts us psychologically, emotionally, physically and transpersonallywhen used over a certain time. We note down any effects we perceive and how the phrase impacts us and teaches us about the WILL.
We may also undertake meditation exercises to develop the qualities associated with the theme we are exploring, to evoke that quality in its fullness within our psyche.  Meditations will be recorded and sent out to participants as a short recording which can be accessed on a personal mobile phone. We will work with each theme for two months and explore how the experience and receptivity to the theme develops over time.
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